Négociation et Digitalisation de la Relation Client

Le BTS NDRC, (diplôme d’État | BAC +2) forme des vendeurs et des managers commerciaux qui gèrent la relation client dans sa globalité, de la prospection jusqu’à la fidélisation. Il maîtrise l’ensemble des techniques métier : analyse et développement commercial, promotion des ventes, marketing et merchandising, afin d’optimiser le processus de vente : conquête, transformation et fidélisation du client.

Un rôle clef dans l’entreprise

Dans son rôle d’interface entre le client et l’entreprise, il conseille, prospecte, anime, fait des devis, assure une veille, mène des négociations, rapporte des réclamations, etc. Il accompagne le consommateur grâce aux nouvelles technologies, des sites web aux applications en passant par les applications. Le social selling fait partie de son quotidien pour prospecter et fidéliser sa clientèle et atteindre les objectifs commerciaux de son entreprise.

Un socle de connaissances complet

Le BTS NDRC permet aux candidats de cerner tous ces enjeux relatifs à la relation client. Ce cursus qui s’étale sur deux années leur offre ainsi le socle de connaissances dont ils ont besoin pour réussir leur insertion professionnelle.

L’immersion en milieu professionnel dont vous bénéficierez au cours de votre formation en alternance est un excellent moyen d’appréhender le secteur et de mettre en application vos connaissances. 

Le BTS NDRC en 3 points

How does the cost of a 3C Legacy Conversation compare to other options?

A DIY legacy book will typically cost less than $100. A family history book that is put together by a professional historian can cost up to $10,000. A DIY legacy book from an app typically costs less than $100. A traditional legacy interview on video typically costs between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the options you choose and the company doing the interview. A 3C Legacy Conversation on video costs $1,499 per 2.5 hour session, or less depending on the package you choose.

What is the best option to preserve the memories and legacy of my loved ones?

It really does depend on your budget and several other factors. Here's a breakdown: Books and apps are a great low cost option if your loved one is able to sit for hours writing or typing on an electronic device, and you have roughly a year for them to complete the process. Honestly, most people never finish the legacy books they are gifted, and lots of people never even start them. These options also don't capture your loved ones presence: the way they smile, speak, talk with their hands, and laugh. Traditional legacy interviews on video are a great option if you need to get your loved ones memories recorded quickly and you live far away from them. Legacy interviews are essentially a question and answer session on camera which is a very effective way to capture memories and stories. The whole reason to capture your loved ones stories are so they can be passed down and appreciated for generations to come. We all know that the younger generations are much more likely to watch a video rather than read a book. This trend will probably be even more significant in 50 years. At 3C Mobile Studios we can do a traditional style legacy interview if you are unable to travel to where the person being interviewed about their life lives, but our focus is on a new style of legacy interview that we developed called the Legacy Conversation. WIth a Legacy Conversation you get all the benefits of a legacy interview plus some really important bonuses. Instead of a camera operator or interviewer asking the questions, you ask the questions. This accomplishes two very important things, it makes the final video more interesting and dynamic with you and your loved one on camera in a 60 Minutes style, and it creates an amazing bonding experience that you can enjoy in the moment and then relive every time you watch the video.

My loved ones won't want to be on camera, what do I do?

The most important thing to remember is that the video isn't for the person talking about their life and their hopes for the future of their family, it's for all the generations that will never get to meet them in person. It's also for the children that won't be able to appreciate their stories until they're an adult. If you're having a hard time figuring out how to have this conversation we created a free guide just for you right here From No Way To OK! 3 Strategies to Get Your Loved One On Board

Will the stories of my loved ones be safe for generations to come?

Unfortunately the chances of fire, flood, etc are not zero for any of us and that poses a very big risk for physical books, dvds, etc. At 3C Mobile Studios we include an archival grade Blu-Ray disk with every session that is made to last thousands of years without degrading. These disks use a completely different disk composition than standard Blu-Ray disks which is why they last so long. While it is true that your great grandchildren probably won't have a Blu-Ray player 100 years from now, because these discs are widely used there will be services around in 100 years that specialize in converting these disks to the newest formats. We also include a USB flash drive with every session to make it easy for you to copy and distribute the video to your whole family. This is one thing you won't have to fight over with the rest of your family! Having the video of your loved one on a USB drive also makes it very easy to upload to your own cloud storage service. This is the cheapest, most secure, way to ensure the legacy of your loved ones is actually passed on for generations.

  • Les dossiers de candidature sont acceptés jusqu’à septembre 2021

  • Prochaine rentrée : octobre 2021

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